Our story.

Almost 100 years of passion for quality and innovation.

Kovax Europe is a total supplier of sanding and polishing solutions, based in Almelo, the Netherlands, and part of the Kovax Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo. Our commitment to quality is driven by our Japanese heritage, which guides everything we do.

Kovax was founded in 1930. Since then, it has grown into one of the largest and most innovative suppliers in the world.

Over the years, we have expanded our range, leading to a complete system solution. This ensures that our products work seamlessly together and deliver superior results. With our extensive range, we have the right product for every job.

Our philosophy.

Innovation & collaboration.

At Kovax, our commitment goes beyond just delivering the highest quality products. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We are not just another company developing sanding and polishing solutions.

We have always believed in approaching things differently. Unlike others, we do not strive to dominate markets, but cultivate strong, lasting relationships with our partners and customers. We aim for perfection by creating harmonious relationships with our customers. Personal contact, loyalty and short lines of communication - always connecting.

Community and collaboration.

The Kovax Partnership.

Here at Kovax, we have built more than just a customer base - we have built a community. Through the Kovax Partnership, we facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration among our partners so that everyone can grow together and forge meaningful bonds. Together, we are building a sustainable future.

Our commitment to collaboration goes beyond business transactions. We believe in consistently supporting our partners, preferring working together over competition and promoting a culture of mutual respect and teamwork.

The Kovax culture.

Growth, laughter & focus.

Our goal is to inspire and be inspired. Our innovation includes not only new products, but also the constant pursuit of new developments in every professional field. We create an enjoyable and engaging work environment where learning is encouraged, and laughter is as common as focused determination.

From sustainable practices like installing solar panels to a gym for our employees, we strive for progress, both in our products and in our people. It's important that everyone can enjoy working here, with plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Join the movement!

Committing to a better world.

At Kovax, we believe in taking action for a sustainable world. We know that companies like ours play a big role in creating a sustainable future. That is why we bring green practices into our work, aiming to bring about positive change not only in our industry, but everywhere.

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