Lay the perfect foundation and optimise your preparation process with Maxfilm.

Maxfilm is the ideal choice for sanding metal, removing old coats, putty sanding, and sanding primer. Its tear-resistant film-backing, and double anti-clogging coating extend its lifetime and ensure consistent performance. With its uniform scratch pattern, Maxfilm efficiently smooths surface irregularities and prepares the surface for painting or applying new layers. The printed P-value on top of the disc maximises ease of use.

Grit P60 - P600

Why use Maxfilm?

  • Long durability due to double anti-clogging coating
  • Maximum tear resistance
  • Uniform scratch pattern
  • Clear grit notification on top
  • Optimal dust extraction
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
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When to use Maxfilm

Maxfilm is used to prepare the base for painting or the application of new layers. To achieve the perfect primer finish, transition to Super Assilex after Maxfilm. For extreme aggressiveness, use Maxcut before Maxfilm.

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Benefits of the multihole pattern.


Maxfilm features a multihole pattern.
This means it is suitable for any machine pad, has better dust extraction and is therefore more durable and efficient.