Fog Free


Fog Free is an anti-fog treatment for glass and plastic. It prevents fogging of windows and mirrors due to temperature differences.

This solution is invisible, odourless, leaves no residue and resists temperature changes, ensuring crystal clear vision and reliable protection against fogging. Fog Free guarantees a fog-free experience and keeps surfaces clear and streak-free.

Why use Fog Free?

  • Clear vision, guaranteed
  • Fog-free glass, anytime
  • Invisible, odorless, and temperature-resistant
  • No residue, no streaks
  • Crystal clear visibility
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8231600 Fog Free Kit 1

Fog Free

Kovax Fog Free is an anti-fog treatment for glass and plastic surfaces. Prevents fogging on the inside of, for example, windshields, windows and mirrors.

Fogging is caused by a sudden temperature difference between the inner and outer surface of glass, resulting in condensation. Our Fog Free prevents this reaction. It leaves no traces on the surface, is invisible, smell-free and resistant to temperature changes.