Finishing system.

Achieve the ultimate finish.

Once prepared, we move on to The Finish System. Using dry sanding, we remove all imperfections and refine the sanding scratch, before continuing with our Buflex Shine polish for the ultimate shine.

Solutions in the Kovax Finish System

Finishing with Kovax. Dry, safe & fast.

All finish products

Care with Kovax.

Experience the ultimate protection for cars with Kovax Car Care. Our line of car care products has all you need to keep cars in top condition.

Our solutions are perfect for both professional detailers and body shops, making car care effortless and effective.

Give cars the care they deserve with Kovax

Kovax Car Care

Committing to a better world.

At Kovax, we believe in taking action for a sustainable world. We know that companies like ours play a big role in creating a sustainable future. That is why we bring green practices into our work, aiming to bring about positive change not only in our industry, but everywhere.

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Reduce waste with our re-usable interface pads.

Cleanable and re-usable abrasives for a better environment.