Polish Pad - Ultrafine

Available in multiple sizes.

This polishing pad is extremely fine and specially developed to achieve an ultrafine finish on paint surfaces.

Always use the Buflex Shine Polish Pad - Ultrafine in combination with the Buflex Shine Ultimate Shine & Protect. For the ultimate shine and protection, we recommend using our black hand pad. This manual pad allows for more precise work.

Why use the Polish Pad - Ultrafine?

  • Extremely fine pad for ultimate gloss
  • Hand pad for more precise work
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Article no. Article type Color Application Dimensions Size Box
8587210 Machine Black Ultimate Shine & Protect 160 MM 150 MM 2
8587215 Machine Black Ultimate Shine & Protect 150 MM 125 MM 2
8587220 Machine Black Ultimate Shine & Protect 80 MM 75 MM 4
8587310 Manual Black Ultimate Shine & Protect 90 MM - 1