Kovax Partnership

Growing together.

Here at Kovax, we believe in doing things a little differently. Our commitment to innovation is deeply rooted in our culture, not only because we produce high-quality products, but because we believe in the power of working together over competition.

This is why we offer the Kovax Partnership. Our unique concept of working with exclusive partnerships is the answer for many companies focusing on the future. Our partner network consists of partners from 43 countries. Together, we collaborate, share knowledge and our partners respect each other's markets. As a result, we create new business opportunities, increase each other's success and achieve continuity. A stable future, especially in changing market conditions.

Together, we are strong and can face any challenge. We are the Kovax family!

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The Kovax family.

The Kovax Partnership is more than collaboration; it is a family. Here, success is built on mutual trust and shared values. Kovax partners form a community where we protect each other, help each other and learn from each other.

In today's world, connecting with others is crucial, especially as many companies face challenges such as shrinking margins and an uncertain future. Our partnership shows how cooperation and mutual support can lead to sustainable success in these difficult times.

We believe in growing together and share knowledge & business opportunities to help every partner grow. Each partner enjoys exclusivity in its market, which creates an environment of cooperation rather than competition, ensuring good margins today and tomorrow. As a partner, you will be involved in product development and have access to a complete sanding and polishing system to keep out competition and remain successful.

Every other year we organise the Partner Event to strengthen the sense of community and partnership among its members. A highly effective family gathering where we lay the foundation for success and work together to build a sustainable future. During this event, we organise workshops, cover market developments and share opportunities. A great moment to work on our family ties.

Always connected.

At Kovax, we always want to be in touch with our partners, even in challenging times like the Covid-19 pandemic. After all, we are family!

So in 2021, instead of our usual Partner Event, we organised Kovax Digital, a three-day online event. This digital gathering featured interactive workshops and engaging webinars with partners from 43 countries, allowing us to maintain personal relationships, share knowledge, keep up-to-date with the latest developments and provide useful tips - all from our custom-built studio.

Dedicated support at Kovax.

We keep the personal touch.

We see each partner as part of our extended family. We work closely together and offer comprehensive technical support, including on-site training, joint customer visits and more. Our marketing team is ready to increase your visibility and enhance your business. With us, it's all about strengthening your business while keeping things personal.

Connect online and grow.

Through our exclusive Partnernet platform, you get access to invaluable resources. Here you will find everything from marketing tools and online training to leads that open new doors. It is also a space for asking product questions, sharing knowledge and exploring new markets together. Together, we can confidently overcome challenges and seize new opportunities. Let's innovate and expand side by side.

Interested in our partnership?

Contact Esther for details.

Being part of Kovax is about more than just using our products. It is about being part of a community that values growth and innovation. We are committed to a shared and sustainable future.

Let's build this future together - join the Kovax Partnership today and let us help you stand out and succeed.

  • Sustainable future
  • Exclusive partnerships
  • Good margins today & tomorrow
  • Innovative, high-quality solutions
  • Complete system
  • Community and connection
  • Shared growth
  • Personal support & service

Esther Drost - Mulderij

Kovax is your complete partner in sanding and polishing solutions.

Esther Drost - Mulderij