Buflex Dry interface pads

Avoid sanding scratches caused by hard velcro.

Use Buflex Dry exclusively in combination with the matching, innovative female-female velcro interface pads for a perfect sanding result. This prevents sanding scratches caused by hard velcro, resulting in shorter polishing time.

Why use Buflex Dry interface pads?

  • Female-female velcro
  • Prevents (re-appearing) sanding marks
  • Reduce polishing time
  • Specially developed for Buflex Dry
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Article no. Article type Application Size Box
9710065 15 holes 150 mm 2
9710067 7 holes 125 mm 2
9710068 without holes 75 mm 4
9710060 without holes For manual use 78 x 123 mm 2
9710061 without holes For machine use 78 x 123 mm 2