The Kovax System.

Process safety with every step.

The Kovax System offers a wide range of products, each designed to complement the others for a complete and efficient solution. We use dry sanding to ensure maximum control and efficiency. This embodies our commitment to process safety and precision. Trusted worldwide, Kovax products lead the way in performance and reliability and can meet any challenge with ease.

Discover the possibilities with Kovax - your complete partner in sanding and polishing solutions.

Preparation & finishing.

The Kovax System can be divided into two specialised subsystems: The Preparation System lays the ideal foundation, while the Finishing System refines sanding scratches, removes all remaining imperfections and leaves a brilliant shine.

Benefits & advantages.

Giving you superior results.

Our Japanese heritage guides our commitment to process safety and quality. We prioritise precision and efficiency and ensure that our products meet the highest standards. They work seamlessly together, saving you time and money while delivering superior results.

Precision and process safety: Our innovative dry sanding system allows for maximum control, ensuring safety and precision at every step.

Seamless efficiency: Our products fit together perfectly, allowing tasks to be completed faster without compromising quality.

Cost-effectiveness: Our system not only saves time, but also reduces material usage and minimises the need for repairs.

Unparalleled quality: The quality of our products ensure a smooth workflow and superior end results.

Ease of use: The user-friendliness of our system simplifies processes and ensures consistent high-quality results.

Predictability and control: With our system, you get predictable results. This improves planning and ensures that high-quality standards are met every time.

Choosing the Kovax System means choosing a solution that not only offers efficiency and cost savings, but also security and premium quality.


Dry sanding.

Always in control.

Our innovative dry sanding technology ensures that you are always in control. This system enables constant monitoring of progress and maximises efficiency, so you achieve flawless results with ease and reliability.

Embrace the precision and innovation rooted in our Japanese heritage with the Kovax System - where every detail counts.

About Kovax

Committing to a better world.

At Kovax, we believe in taking action for a sustainable world. We know that companies like ours play a big role in creating a sustainable future. That is why we bring green practices into our work, aiming to bring about positive change not only in our industry, but everywhere.

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