Buflex Dry

Reduce labour-intensive polishing time and achieve a flawless finish with Buflex Dry.

Discover the power of Buflex Dry, your solution to drastically reduce polishing time while ensuring a smooth, flawless finish. With its innovative ultra-flexible latex backing and unique grain structure, it ensures extremely uniform scratches. Its special female-female velcro design minimizes scratch risk caused by hard velcro. All while maintaining the paint structure.

Buflex Dry is also ideal for matching the new paint texture to the original and smoothly blending sanded surfaces into the existing paint, for a flawless finish.

Grit K2000 - K3000

Why use Buflex Dry?

  • Cuts down polishing time
  • Creates an extremely shallow & uniform scratch pattern
  • Maintains paint structure
  • Anti-clogging technology
  • Super flexible
  • Dry sanding for maximum control and effectivity
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When to use Buflex Dry

Buflex Dry is used to refine any last scratches before polishing, after removing surface irregularities and imperfections. Continue with our specially developed Buflex Shine polish for a brilliant, hologram-free finish.

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