Confront the task of sanding hard putty and metal with Maxcut.

Tackle the most challenging sanding jobs with Maxcut, offering unmatched durability and efficiency. Its special aluminium oxide grains, which nearly match the hardness of diamond, tackle the toughest jobs, while its open structure prevents clogging. Perfect for heavy-duty sanding, Maxcut saves time and costs, making it essential for any rigorous task.

Grit P60 - P180

Why use Maxcut?

  • Extremely hard grain for durability
  • Open structure, clog-resistant design
  • Ideal for tough sanding tasks
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When to use Maxcut

Maxcut is used for removing welding seams and to beat the most difficult surfaces, like hard putty. After the heavy sanding work, follow up the preparation process with Maxfilm.

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Sanding wooden floors.

Maxcut is excellent for sanding wood floors. Because of its open structure, the sandpaper does not fill up as quickly, so you do not have to replace it as often. This saves time and money.

Sanding Putty and Removing Old Layers With Maxcut

Kovax experts Willem and Richard explain to you how to remove old layers and sand putty/filler using Maxcut. It can be e.g. used while removing dents from a car.