Ultimate Shine & Protect

Add that extra layer of shine and protection with Ultimate Shine & Protect.

The Ultimate Shine & Protect adds depth to the colour and protection to the paint. This premium liquid wax not only enhances the beauty of the paintwork, but also ensures its surface is shielded from the elements. All while providing an exceptionally smooth finish.

Art.no. 8582300
Polish Gloss enhance & paint protection
Content 500 ML

Why use Ultimate Shine & Protect?

  • Maximum shine with minimal effort
  • Durable and weatherproof protection
  • Provides depth to the colour
  • Extremely smooth and even finish
  • Works on all colours
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When to use Ultimate Shine & Protect

Buflex Shine Ultimate Shine & Protect is used for adding depth to the colour and protection to the paint. For scratched paint surfaces, we recommend a pre-treatment with our Premium Polish Compound and/or Ultrafine Performing Polish.

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Tutorial: Buflex Shine Polish System

Prepare to gloss like a boss with our new polishing line, designed to complement our dry sanding system. Experience speed, simplicity, and safety with three easy steps:

  • Premium Polish Compound
  • Ultrafine Performing Polish
  • Ultimate Shine & Protect

For the best results and to reduce polishing time, sand with Buflex Dry for at least 10 seconds before use.

Buflex Shine also comes with specially crafted polishing pads to get the perfect shine in no time.