Soft Tape Masking Foam

13 MM x 50 M

Kovax Soft Tape Masking Foam is a self-adhesive foam designed to mask bodywork gaps when spraying cars.

This self-adhesive foam tape prevents hard paint edges and reduces the need for rework. Designed for ease of use and can be removed cleanly without leaving residue. With a heat resistance of up to 95ºC for 1 hour, it is suitable for various paint conditions.

Why use Soft Tape Masking Foam?

  • Self-adhesive for easy application
  • Mask common bodywork gaps prior to painting
  • Prevents hard paint edges and minimises rework
  • Heat resistant: up to 95°C for 1 hour
  • Easy to remove without residues
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9001350 13 MM x 50 M 1

Soft Foam Masking Tape

Kovax Soft Foam Masking Tape. For all common bodyworks gaps. Leaves no residue, easy to remove and heat resistant.