ProMa-X Air Sheet Sander

Pneumatic Orbital Sander – 70 x 198mm

The ProMa-X Air Sheet Sander is an orbital sander designed for effective surface preparation, offering high sanding power with an optimal finish.

This sheet sander assists the smoothing of rough and uneven surfaces, allowing you to work quickly with excellent results. It is essential for effective surface preparation and makes achieving a smooth, finish-ready surface easier and faster.

  • Variable speed control for more flexibility
  • Ergonomic design to minimise workloads
  • Low profile for control and comfort
  • Rear exhaust directs air away for a clean working surface
  • Low vibration for comfortable use
  • Even weight distribution for a flat surface
  • A 5mm orbit for more aggressiveness

Technical specifications

Air consumption 310 L/MIN
Air pressure 5-6 BAR
Orbit 5mm
Weight 1,10 KG
Back-up pad Included
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The ProMa-X Air Sheet Sander.

A sheet sander is an essential tool when it comes to preparing a surface. A good sheet sander will make your work easy. Why? Because you will be able to sand rough and uneven surfaces fast, while still giving them an excellent finish. The ProMa-X Air Sheet sander in short:

  • Less time & effort needed to do the job
  • Equal weight distribution = flat surface result
  • Low vibrations for comfortable usage
  • Efficient dust extraction
  • Machine pad fits the Kovax multihole sheets 70 x 198mm
  • A 5mm orbit for more aggressiveness

Allow yourself an easier & more beneficial way of sanding. Use the ProMa-X Air Sheet sander!