Introducing the Premium Wool Pad

News of February 9, 2024

The game has changed for polishing perfection – the Premium Wool Pad is now here! Get ready for the latest addition to the Kovax system.

Premium Wool Pad

Join the Wool Pad Revolution!

Powerful Scratch Removal
Our new wool pad delivers unmatched cutting power, letting users tackle even the most challenging scratches and surface imperfections with ease, all while maintaining a flawless finish.

Innovative Design for Ultimate Balance and Safety
Thanks to its unique plastic ring backing, attaching the pad to any machine is a breeze, reducing vibration and enhancing safety and precision in every pass.

Stay Cool, Stay Polished
No more overheating worries. The pad's natural wool and open-pore design keep things cool, preventing heat build-up and ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted polishing experience.

The Perfect Partner for Buflex Shine
Developed to complement Buflex Shine perfectly, this pad helps achieve the ultimate polish. When used as part of the Kovax system, it delivers a deep, glossy, and scratch-free shine every time.

Join the Revolution
Elevate your polishing process today. With its fine Australian lamb wool fibers and smart design, the Premium Wool Pad isn't just another tool – it's the key to a superior finish. For best results, start with Buflex Dry K3000 for prepping the surface.

Don't just polish – revolutionize with the Premium Wool Pad. Join The Wool Pad Revolution now and see the difference for yourself!