New: The ChargeMa-X Cordless Touch-Up Sander

News of November 28, 2023

The ChargeMa-X Cordless Touch-Up Sanders are here. Get ready for the latest addition to the Kovax system. These state-of-the-art machines are your go-to solution for removing imperfections and finishing small repairs with unmatched efficiency and convenience.

ChargeMa-X Cordless Touch-Up Sander 31/3O or 31/3RO

Key Features & Advantages:

Quick Imperfection Removal
Faster than manual sanding, making quick work of imperfections and paint defects.

Cordless Flexibility
Freedom to work anywhere without the restrictions of hoses or cables, reducing the risk of surface damage.

Perfect integration with Kovax System
Specially designed to complement Tolecut ø34mm discs for a seamless sanding experience.

Fast charging, long-lasting Performance
A fast charger that’s built to last.

Available as a complete kit

For added convenience, we're also offering the ChargeMa-X in a kit, perfect for professionals on the move. The kit includes:

  • 1x ChargeMa-X Cordless Touch-Up Sander (31/3O or 31/3RO)
  • 1x ChargeMa-X 10.8V Battery Charger
  • 2x ChargeMa0X 2.5AH - 10.8V Battery Packs
  • 1x System Organizer Bag

Start saving time and money by removing imperfections swiftly and effectively.