Out now: new tapes

News of February 8, 2024

You can get your hands on our three new tapes now! The Premium Protection Tape, the Flexi No Edge Blending Tape and a new version of the Masking Tape are available at your nearest Kovax dealer.

Now available

Premium Protection Tape
A strong, durable tape for protecting surrounding areas when sanding. This tape offers exceptional durability and can be torn in both directions for more flexibility. Its adhesive strength ensures that the tape stays where in place while sanding and leaves no adhesive residue.

Flexi No Edge Blending Tape
The Flexi No Edge Blending Tape is your must-have when it comes to masking curved set lines and panel edges. The innovative flexible foam construction brings a new level of ease when masking challenging curves and contours on vehicles. The tape is all about strength and precision, making it particularly effective in places like the inserts of tank caps.

Masking Tape
For all general masking applications, such as masking surfaces near the area to be painted and high temperature applications, our new Masking Tape is perfect. This new version is suitable for a range of general masking applications, on both water and solvent based paints. The strong adhesion ensures a perfect protection of the areas that should not be painted.