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News of May 21, 2024

Unleash the power of perfection with Kovax's latest additions to our range of polishing pads.

New polish pads

We introduce the Polish Pad Blue - Heavy Cut and the Polish Pad Green - Super Fine, designed to enhance your polishing experience

Polish Pad Blue - Heavy Cut
Designed for heavy-duty work, the Polish Pad Blue - Heavy Cut, when combined with Buflex Shine Premium Polish Compound, offers superior cutting power without compromising on a high-gloss finish. Quickly and efficiently remove surface defects such as scratches, swirls and oxidation. Ideal for harder materials and heavily damaged surfaces, this pad provides a faster, flawless finish.

Polish Pad Green - Super Fine
Achieve ultimate shine with the Polish Pad Green - Super Fine, perfect for use with Buflex Shine Ultrafine Performing Polish. This pad is softer than the Polish Pad Black - Fine and delivers unmatched shine, especially on dark colours. Enhance your paintwork to perfection with this superfine pad.

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Benefits & advantages

Expand your options with our wider range of polishing pads, which offer you the following:

Flexibility & Versatility:
Customise your approach with a variety of pads for specific tasks or surfaces and achieve diverse polishing results.

Get precise control over your polishing process and select the right pad for the perfect shine level and imperfection removal.

Optimise your workflow with the right pad selection, so you need to re-sand or polish less often.

Premium wool pad

New sizes

In addition to our new foam pads, we are expanding the range of Premium wool pads with new sizes, providing more options for a smoother, high-quality polishing process. These pads ensure even pressure distribution and enable precise treatment of complex areas, ensuring a flawless finish every time.

Experience the next level of polishing with Kovax's innovative pads. Perfect polishing, every time.