Doubleflex Softpads

123 x 98 x 13 MM

Doubleflex Softpads offer a two-sided, flexible sanding solution for reaching difficult areas such as bumpers and door handles.

With thick foam for adaptability and even pressure distribution, they are ideal for contoured surfaces. Quick and easy to use, Doubleflex is ideal if you want efficient manual sanding on complicated surfaces.

Grit Medium - Micro Fine

Why use Doubleflex Softpads?

  • Double-sided sandpaper for improved durability and grip
  • Flexible and adaptable design
  • Wide grit range for complete sanding process
  • Ease of use
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Doubleflex Softpads

Doubleflex is a flexible solution for shaped and profiled surfaces with double durability!

Ideal for areas you can’t reach with your machine and highly suitable for the automotive, wood, plastic & composite industry.