Foam-X Rolls

115 MM x 25 M

Foam-X Rolls are suitable for multiple sanding applications, from putty sanding to blending.

The rolls come with pre-cut sanding sheets for convenience and efficiency in various jobs. Designed with quality and convenience in mind, Foam-X Rolls are the reliable solution if you are looking for optimal sanding results.

Why use Foam-X Rolls?

  • Wide range of grit sizes
  • Pre-cut sanding sheets for convenience
  • Adaptable to different surfaces
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Article no. Article type Dimensions Box
KFX-0180 P180 115 MM x 25 M 1
KFX-0240 P240 115 MM x 25 M 1
KFX-0320 P320 115 MM x 25 M 1
KFX-0400 P400 115 MM x 25 M 1
KFX-0500 P500 115 MM x 25 M 1
KFX-0600 P600 115 MM x 25 M 1
KFX-0800 P800 115 MM x 25 M 1