Hand pads & Rolls

Kofle-X is an alternative sanding product designed for hard-to-reach areas and provides efficient surface matting to create adhesion.

The unique nylon fabric is specially coated with abrasive grains for optimum cutting power. Available in different thicknesses for various applications, Kofle-X comes in hand pads and rolls and offers high removal rates, strong tear resistance and an ultra-flexible design.

Grit Very Fine - Ultra Fine

Why use Kofle-X?

  • Very high sanding & cutting power rates
  • Optimal product strength and tear resistance
  • Minimal risks of fibers falling out
  • Different product thicknesses for various applications
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Scuffing with Kofle-X

Looking for an alternative scuffing product?

We have an ultra-flexible line that allows us to easily reach hard-to-reach areas, as well as a line with maximum cutting power. Through a special coating process of the nylon fabric with abrasive grains, we achieve maximum cutting power from the start. A product that has a solution for different surfaces!