Interface pads

150 mm & 75 mm

Interface pads are used for sanding round surfaces and contours in combination with sandpaper. Using interface pads offers more options in terms of aggressiveness and uniformity.

Our interface pads have an exceptionally long service life. They are reusable and efficient, so only the sandpaper needs to be replaced. This significantly reduces waste.

Why use our interface pads?

  • Choose between aggressiveness or uniformity
  • Durable and last for a long time
  • Better for the environment
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Article no. Product name Article type Application Size Box
9730002 Interface pad - soft Multihole 150mm 1
M004633 Interface pad - soft 15 holes 150mm 1
9730006 Interface pad - soft 6 holes 75mm 1
9717202 Interface pad - soft No holes 75mm 4
8850712 Tri-Pro interface pad 8 holes 125mm 2
910350147 Stick-on interface transfer pad transforms super tack into stick-on 32mm 1
9710027 Tolex Super Tack interface pad 15 holes 150mm 2