ChargeMa-X 31/3O Kit

Cordless Orbital Touch-Up Sander.

For added convenience, we're also offering the ChargeMa-X in a kit, perfect for professionals on the move. 

The kit includes a ChargeMa-X 31/3O Cordless Touch-Up Sander, a 10.8V Battery Charger and two 2.5AH - 10.8V Battery Packs. All in a handy System Organizer Bag.

Start saving time and money by removing imperfections swiftly and effectively.

  • Quick Imperfection Removal
  • Freedom to move
  • Perfect Integration with Kovax System
  • Fast charging, long-lasting performance

Technical specifications

Article no. 9998820
Max. rotation 10.000 RPM
Voltage 10.8 V
Orbit 3mm
Battery pack Included (2x)
Battery charger Included
System Organizer Bag Included
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