Terms and conditions

At Kovax we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and service possible. That’s why we are offering a standard 2-year warranty on our ProMa-X, EMa-X and Kovax Label lines. This warranty does not cover wear and tear parts, such as: backing pad, break seal, shroud, rotor, vanes, exhaust fitting, muffler, bearings, carbon brushes or power cable.


In addition to the standard 2-year warranty for the ProMa-X, EMa-X and Kovax Label lines, we offer end-users/customers the possibility to extend the warranty period with 1 additional year.

For our ChargeMa-X line we are offering a 2-year warranty on the machines and battery charger, as well as a 1-year warranty on the ChargeMa-X batteries.

If a problem occurs with a Kovax machine included in these warranty terms and the problem is caused by a manufacturing or material defect; Kovax will repair or replace your machine free of charge in accordance with the warranty terms and conditions stated here. To keep your machine warranty valid, the machine needs to be used, maintained and operated in compliance with Kovax safety and operating instructions.


1.1 The Kovax machine warranty covers defects in material and workmanship.

1.2 The warranty period starts from the date of purchase of the end-user/customer.

1.3 Warranty applies based on normal usage.

1.4 Warranty certificates are machine and end-user/customer dependent; each machine must be registered separately. The warranty is linked to the serial number of the machine and the end-user/customer who is owner of the machine.

1.5 Registration and the additional warranty cannot be transferred to another machine or end-user/company.

1.6 For additional one year of warranty with the ProMa-X, EMa-X and Kovax Label lines, the machine must be registered by the end-user/customer within 30 days after purchase.

1.7 The warranty period of Kovax Machines is limited to three years, when the machine is registered online through this form.

1.8 Parts that have been repaired/replaced by a Kovax authorized service centre within the 2+1-year warranty period, carry a three-month warranty. Repair or replacement of spare parts will not result in an extension of the valid warranty period; the original warranty period still applies.

1.9 Replacement of the defective device does not extend the applicable warranty period; the original warranty period continues to apply.


2.1 General terms and conditions of the warranty do not apply to defective Kovax machines which demonstrate damage or defects caused by one of the following factors:

a. misuse,
b. neglect in usage or maintenance,
c. accidents, 
d. exposure to extreme temperatures,
e. acids,
f. water,
g. unsuitable storage,
h. excessive impact or transport damages.

2.2. Defects caused by spare parts, accessories or components other than Kovax original spare parts or accessories.

2.3. Pneumatic tools used with non-filtrated air or without lubrication.

2.4 Normal wear and tear items such as: backing pad, break seal, shroud, rotor, vanes, exhaust fitting, muffler, bearings, carbon brushes or power cable. (not covered in the 2nd and 3rd year of the warranty)

2.5 Tools that have been modified, repaired or attempted to repair (by other than Kovax authorized service personnel), partly or completely disassembled, without the prior consent of Kovax.

2.6 Damage to electric machines caused by using it with any other back-up pad then the one recommended by Kovax.

2.7 Any damage caused by dust collection due to neglect in usage or maintenance. (all air passages and areas under the shrouds should be blown out with dry compressed air regularly).

2.8 This warranty does not cover compensations for downtime, production loss, injuries or property damages.

2.9 Kovax ProMa-X,EMa-X and ChargeMa-X machines are not covered by warranty in case of industrial usage. With the Kovax Label machines industrial use is covered.


3.1 Warranty claims may only be made by a recognized Kovax dealer which the machine has been transferred to, on the behalf of the end user/customer.

3.2 A warranty claim has to be submitted as soon as possible and within the warranty period.

3.3 Warranty claims must be accompanied by a valid purchase or invoice where the serial number of the claimed tool is clearly stated. A photo must also be provided showing the serial number clearly. At Kovax's request, the claimed tool must be available for technical and/or optical inspection.