Premium Polish Compound

Take your paintwork to the next level with Buflex Shine Premium Polish Compound.

Premium Polish Compound is your ultimate solution to effortlessly remove last sanding marks from all modern paint systems. It offers excellent cutting performance and leaves nothing but a swirl-free, high-gloss finish. To achieve the best result and reduce polishing time, the polishing compound should always be used in combination with Buflex Dry. 8582100
Polish Cutting & gloss.
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Why use Premium Polish Compound?

  • Quickly removes scratches and surface defects in topcoat/ clearcoat
  • Leaves a swirl-free, high-gloss finish
  • Always use Buflex Dry prior to polishing with Premium Polish Compound
  • Works seamlessly with the Kovax sanding system
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When to use Premium Polish Compound

Buflex Shine Premium Polish Compound is used on painted surfaces after using Buflex Dry. To reduce polishing time and achieve the best result, sand for at least 10 seconds with Buflex Dry. Follow up with Buflex Shine Ultrafine Performing Polish to remove final holograms.

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Tutorial: Buflex Shine Polish System

Prepare to gloss like a boss with our new polishing line, designed to complement our dry sanding system. Experience speed, simplicity, and safety with three easy steps:

  • Premium Polish Compound
  • Ultrafine Performing Polish
  • Ultimate Shine & Protect

For the best results and to reduce polishing time, sand with Buflex Dry for at least 10 seconds before use.

Buflex Shine also comes with specially crafted polishing pads to get the perfect shine in no time.