Yvonne - Finance, Internal Sales & HR Manager.

At Kovax, there is a familiar and informal atmosphere. It is a place where loyalty and directness go hand in hand, where we value fun but also hard work.

Our core values, loyalty and the family feeling, can be seen every day. We are always there for each other, listen to each other and support each other when necessary. This creates a strong mutual bond and increases our efficiency in the workplace.

The working atmosphere at Kovax is relaxed; we take time for each other, but also make sure we achieve our goals. This balance between relaxation and productivity makes working here enjoyable.

In terms of work-life balance, Kovax offers excellent opportunities for flex-working. This policy allows everyone to combine work and private life comfortably, contributing to our overall satisfaction and performance.The atmosphere at Kovax is informal, sociable and focused on paying attention to each other.

The atmosphere at Kovax is informal, sociable and focused on paying attention to each other.

Great atmosphere.

Informal, sociable and focused.

In terms of professional development, Kovax is very supportive. I myself have been allowed to follow several relevant training courses, which is typical of the policy here: if you show initiative and the training is relevant to your job, it is supported. This has personally helped me grow in my role within the company.

Employee well-being and health is taken seriously. We get fruit and can exercise during working hours, and a physiotherapist is available. Above all, there is consideration for each other, which has a positive impact on our well-being.

What I like most about working at Kovax, without a doubt, are the colleagues and the working atmosphere. The people make the difference; their energy and dedication make every day special.

One of the most special aspects of working here is the international composition of our team, which means I am constantly learning from other cultures. I am most proud when I can help a colleague successfully complete a project and see how they develop.

Looking to the future, Kovax always continues to strive for innovation. We are currently considering integrating AI and further developing techniques such as robotic sanding.

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