Eline - Marketing Manager.

At Kovax, I feel like I am part of a big, cozy family where everyone is equal and every voice counts. This sense of equality and the constant drive for innovation make Kovax a unique place to work.

Our core values-innovation, reliability and quality-are visible throughout the workplace. We are always exploring new ideas such as integrating AI into our operations, which makes our work exciting and innovative. Kovax is a place where you can rely on the consistent quality of products and on an employer who is really there for you, even in lesser times.

The atmosphere here is always friendly and convivial, but that goes hand in hand with hard work and tackling problems together. We laugh a lot, but we also really put our shoulders to the wheel.

The atmosphere at Kovax is the perfect mix of fun and hard work, powered by an inexhaustible source of innovation and growth.

Achieve big results.

Taking on new challenges as a team.

Kovax takes work-life balance seriously. With flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home, everyone can organise their day as they see fit. Weekly sports hours and regular visits to the physiotherapist are just a few examples of how Kovax contributes to our health and well-being.

Professionally, Kovax offers comprehensive support. When Kovax offered me the opportunity to develop myself as Marketing Manager, I grabbed it with both hands. This gave me the chance to attend relevant training courses and conferences. These investments in my development not only improved my skills but also strengthened my bond with the company.

Every year at Kovax is different and brings new challenges, such as setting up Kovax Digital during the corona crisis. This was a completely new experience for all of us and its success gave us all a huge boost. Now we are integrating AI into our processes, which is another whole new adventure.

I am extremely proud of how we as a team are taking on new challenges and successfully integrating them. The most special thing for me is how we can achieve big results as a small team and how Kovax as a company treats its staff. It feels really special to be able to tell this to friends and family.

For the future, I expect Kovax to continue to professionalise in all aspects-from products to services and marketing. Every year we make an evaluation and adjust where necessary, always with the aim of growing and improving.

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With you on board, Kovax will be even better. And more fun.

We believe that innovation and exceptional people drive our success. Looking for more than just a job? With us, you will find a place where your talents are valued, your ideas are welcome and where every day offers new opportunities to grow. We welcome you to our Kovax family.

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