Verena - Marketing associate.

At Kovax, I always feel the space to develop myself. It is an open and friendly place, where everyone is welcome and where you can really grow as an individual.

I see our core values - quality, building long-term relationships and cooperation - reflected in the workplace every day. There is a nice atmosphere where hard work is the norm and where we put our shoulders to the wheel together for all the challenges that come our way.

One of the things Kovax does really well is balancing work and private life. Thanks to the possibility of flexible working, I can largely set my own hours, which helps enormously in finding a good balance.

A friendly, hard-working group of people who work together in a nice way to realise great projects.

International aspects.

Together we can handle anything.

Kovax is also fantastic when it comes to professional development. If you make it clear what you need, there are always colleagues willing to look at opportunities with you and how you can improve and develop further.

In terms of employee well-being, Kovax offers a lot of support. There is an opportunity to exercise during working hours, fresh fruit is always available, and for those who need it, there is a physiotherapist on site.

What I really like most about working at Kovax is the opportunity to develop myself and the challenges I get to take on together with my great colleagues. There is a super fun atmosphere and I work with a fantastic group of people.

It remains special to work with people all over the world. We are a relatively small team, but together we achieve great things. This international aspect brings unique challenges, but together we can handle anything.

Looking to the future, I see many interesting developments for Kovax. We are working on making our working environment even more atmospheric and improving our processes so that everything runs even smoother and faster. And of course we are excited about projects such as robotic sanding!

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We believe that innovation and exceptional people drive our success. Looking for more than just a job? With us, you will find a place where your talents are valued, your ideas are welcome and where every day offers new opportunities to grow. We welcome you to our Kovax family.

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